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Wood Chipping Service

Call us for wood chipping service needs in north metro Atlanta. When our tree specialists remove trees, shrubs or bushes from your property, we won’t leave you with debris. All branches and larger material are chipped into shreds that will be completely removed. We will gladly leave you with your wood chips to use as landscaping ground cover or mulch.

If you have done the work yourself, removing bushes, brush, or trimming low-hanging branches and find that you are now left with debris, give us a call and we’ll stop by with our power chipper. We can turn those bushes, brush and branches…up to 15 inches in diameter… into wood chips and remove them from your property. Our commercial wood chipper is a trailer unit used by commercial wood chipping service.

Don’t leave that debris lying around! Call us for a FREE estimate!  770-912-4033

Marietta Tree Service also gives free wood chips away if the location is close to our area of work. Typically we dump an entire load of 6-10 yards of chips when our wood chipping service teams complete a tree removal job. We keep our wood chipper blades sharp so the resultant chips are small and useful for mulch, landscaping bark, or ground cover for dog runs, etc.


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