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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Call us for professional tree trimming services

Tree trimming and pruning can harm your trees if done incorrectly. Cutting trees at the wrong time of year, altering drip lines and such impact your tree’s health and looks. Seasonal tree trimming, such as for Crape Myrtles, requires expertise to maximize shape and blooming results. Sometimes it is important to trim trees to remove dead limbs, limbs on houses or balance a leaning tree. In some instances you need beyond basic tree trimming and need emergency tree removal. We can handle all of these needs.

Don’t wait for a severe storm to identify the danger areas in your trees. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a FREE estimate for tree trimming anywhere in Atlanta.

  • It is important to prune a tree at the right time.
  • Our ISA Certified Arborists take into consideration the time of    year a tree flowers or is most susceptible to disease and insects.
  • Knowing how to prune is important to the health of the tree.
  • Proper pruning is essential for a healthy and aesthetically
       pleasing tree.
  • Pruning is needed when first planting a tree to control its growth    and to help develop its shape.
  • Pruning can help spur growth in foliage, fruit and flowers as well    as remove diseased and damaged areas.
  • Trees are pruned for safety, health and aesthetic reasons.
  • Pruning for safety may involve removing branches that could    cause injury or property damage. Removing wood that could be    diseased or infested with insects improves the trees health.
  • Proper cuts will help ensure that the wounded tree will heal properly.
  • Aesthetic pruning can also be done to enhance the natural form of the tree.

If you need tree pruning or shrub pruning, give us a call 770-912-4033 and we’ll provide you with a FREE estimate.

Dead Wood Removal

Removing Dead Wood is important to the health of your landscaping whether a tree is standing or fallen. Dead trees and branches are unpredictable and can break and fall at any time. Dead wood is often dry and brittle and cannot bend in the wind like a living tree or branch.

Our professionals will either trim your deadwood and inspect for damage or diseases or simply remove fallen tree dead wood from your property.

Tree Trimming Prices

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