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Tree Removal

Although many trees can be saved through proper pruning, tree trimming and maintenance, there are occasions when overcrowding, damage to adjacent structures, or because they are located in an area of new construction, tree removal is necessary. Our certified Arborist will help you decide if and when your tree should be removed.

Tree removals are generally the most hazardous and considered the last avenue offered by Marietta Tree Services. Often, trees with major decay and weakened structural integrity that are close to buildings, utility lines, or landscape features with little access must be removed. Our highly skilled staff and certified arborist will use complex rigging techniques and if necessary, cranes for lowering wood safely.

Pine Tree Removal

Atlanta area residents should be aware that pine trees are highly prone to falling in storms. Damage from high winds and lightning strikes are leading causes for pine trees to fall . . . often on houses and cars. We offer special rates for removing multiple pine trees on a single job. If you have pine trees in your yard we strongly recommend our pine tree removal services be a top priority for you.

Wood Chipping & Debris Removal

During the tree removal, we chip up all the brush in our chipper, hauling away the chips or leaving them on site if the homeowner wants to use the chips as mulch. Then we cut up all the large pieces into 16″ rounds for firewood. Again, we either arrange to have the wood chips removed or leave it for the homeowner’s own use. In any event, the Marietta Tree removal service crew takes pride in leaving the site neat and clean.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Marietta Tree Service has the expertise and manpower to remove dangerous trees from any situation whether it be trees fallen over power lines or carefully trimming tree branches around electrical lines.

We have state of the art equipment and the experienced personnel to handle any type of dangerous tree removal.  The safety of your property and your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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