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Tree & Shrub Planting

Tree & Shrub PlantingPlanting trees and shrubs are an easy and effective way to beautify your property, provide shade in summer, wind protection in winter and enhance privacy all while increasing real estate values at the same time.

Tree planting, which would seem like a fairly straight forward subject can actually be quite complex. The 2 most common mistakes are: The wrong tree and the wrong place.

Arborist Assisted Tree Selections

Most nurseries do not have an Arborist on staff, so stock that an Arborist knows to be poor regularly ends up at retail nurseries. This can lead to very costly maintenance and repairs that the home owner might not become aware of until the tree is mature and it is too late. It may be that you spend 10 years growing a tree to maturity only to have it fail and need to be removed. Tree and shrub planting needs to be done with a vision of long term development.

Let our Arborist help you in your tree selection and proper location. Since a tree is such a visible part of the landscape care must be taken to ensure proper growth conditions are maintained. Our certified Arborist can consult with you on the proper type and location for all your trees and shrubs to withstand environmental conditions and thrive in the best locations. Let our expertise in tree and shrub planting save you time and money, and get you the results you will enjoy.

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