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Discount Tree Removal Services

We offer discount tree removal services which means we handle the truly tough part, and the customer manages the rest. Marietta Tree Service and Landscaping is happy to work within any budget.  That’s why our Cut & Leave tree removal service is the option for our budget minded customer. If you need discount tree removal services we are the tree service company in Atlanta to call!

What Is Cut And Leave?

Discount Tree RemovalMarietta Tree Service offers cut and leave discounted pricing because we leave the tree service finishing up to you. Since we don’t have to bring in our heavy duty trucks to haul off your tree trunks we can pass those savings on to you.

The less finishing we have to do – we can pass the savings on to you. There are several options that will fit any circumstance or budget.

Cut and Leave Options

1. We can simply cut down your tree and place it to the side of your property. This is great for folks that have wooded areas nearby.
2. We can cut down the tree, trim the branches and use our wood chipper to leave you a nice mound of wood mulch for your landscaping. We can leave the tree trunk in one piece and place it to the side or option #3 may be more suited for you.

3. We can cut down the tree, trim the branches and use our wood chipper to provide you with fresh mulch for your yard. We can also cut the tree into 16″ to 18″ logs and even stack them for you. You’ll have seasoned firewood for next year and save money.

Remember, the less we do means more savings for you! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you don’t see what you want – ask anyway! Our discount tree removal services are very popular with budget minded folks.

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