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We understand that consumers want the best possible deals on anything they buy. Certainly consumers want deals and discounts on expensive purchases. Tree service is no exception. We know that larger jobs allow for certain efficiencies thus we can lower some prices through tree service coupons.

Why are tree services sometimes expensive?

Tree services can be expensive if your dealing with a professional tree service business. From the side of a professional tree services company consider just part of why prices are the way they are. It costs a lot to run a professional business. Before a tree service business makes a profit, every month, they must bring in enough money per job hour to pay for:

  • Offices, utility bills, storage buildings and lots to park trucks and equipment
  • Payments, insurance and maintenance on numerous trucks, cranes, chippers, and more
  • Expensive liability and workers' comp insurance
  • Payroll and payroll taxes including the cost of an accounting firm
  • Advertising services including ad design, placement and publishing costs (online, mail, etc.)

The truth about tree service pricing

It costs money to run a business. If you get prices that are unbelievably low, you are almost certainly working with a company that is uninsured and possibly not licensed. This means their risks are being transferred to you!

Working with a company that is unlicensed, uninsured and such brings a lot of risks to you as a property owner. Any accidents claims (and accidents happen!) will be filed against YOUR insurance. Your insurance rates will go up every year. If they do not pay their workers, the workers can put a lien on your property.

Marietta Tree ServiceĀ® is a licensed and insured business. We've been in business for over 30 years and have a stellar record for customer service. We invite you to call and learn about any other discounts or special rates which may be available to you.

Tree Service Coupons

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Insurance claim? As a preferred vendor with insurance companies we can Direct Bill your insurance company. Call for more info!

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