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Tree Cabling & Bracing

Wind bracing and support for newly planted trees

Tree cabling and bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage.

This support technique uses hardware to make the tree more structurally stable. As Arborists, it is our responsibility to safeguard people, property, and the environment from potentially hazardous trees. Tree cabling holds a tree in a stationary position while root systems develop. Tree cabling is especially beneficial for newly planted trees. There are important considerations that must be used when bracing trees. Tree cabling must be done in a manner that does not cut into tree trunks or limbs. Additionally the tree cabling may need to be adjusted as the tree grows.

When Is Cable Bracing Required?

  • Weak or Structurally Suspect Crotches in Tree
  • The Appearance of a Crack at or Just Below a Crotch
  • Tight “V” Crotch with Included Bark
  • A Split at a Primary Trunk Crotch
  • Multi-Stem Trees
  • Trees with Heavy Foliage
  • Stress Damage from Wind, Weight of Snow, Rain, or Ice

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